#GolfMates Travel Events

Golf Mates Travel brings you global events from all over the world and are renowned for their camaraderie and fun, these events bring #GolfMates together and create the community it is today. The value for money is also a huge hit between those who attend.

These events can be used for your annual group holiday or if its just another break you are looking for, possibly as a single golfer or a small group. We welcome all #Golfmates to attend wherever you are USA, South Africa, Australia, Norway, Europe etc.

Our events are usually based on attendance of 32+ golfers whilst our tours and experiences are based on numbers between 12 to 24 people. Each event and trip is different but the main thing is #GolfMates will be on every trip.

Each Event/Tour/Organised trip will be hosted by a minimum of one GolfMatesTravel representative.

Please feel free to check out all our events below or if you are after a particular or style of trip please get in touch as we may have something in the pipeline.

Contact one of the Golf Mates Travel Team about availability today on 01942 386646 or Email enquiries@golfmatestravel.com

We look forward to welcoming you!

Golf Mates Travel Events